Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


I am so happy I could talk with you all this week! It was so great to see your beautiful faces! I am doing so good!

Well, We had an awesome Christmas! The Sisters slept with us on Christmas Eve and we got them PJ's to open up as well! It was so fun! After we changed into our jammies we ate ice cream and read Luke 2. It was the perfect way to end our Beautiful day! A few members invited us over for dinner and lunch on the Noche Buena! I can officially add Manta Ray and Lamb to the list of weird things that I have eaten on my mission!

On Christmas morning, we woke up and Santa had come! :) We all sat around and opened up presents! The Sisters and I loved what we got! Then I made Crepes while everyone got ready for the day! We finished the day off talking to our families and going to Antonio's baptism interview! He passed! We were so happy!

We went into planning mode for the baptism and everything turned out great! He is so ready to be a member of the church. He was so nervous before his baptism, we even found him in the trees praying. After he left the water he said he felt nuevo (new), he wouldn't stop smiling and neither could we!

The next day at church Antonio showed up walked in and sat down with some members that he already knew. He hardly said anything to us! It made us so happy that he felt so welcome in the Branch! He got confirmed and then we headed out to our classes. The District President came to our branch and he talked about a lot of things that we as a branch need to work on. It was so good!

In the morning, I had watched 'On the Lord's Errand' and I made a goal that like President Monson I was going to follow each and every one of the promptings that I had received. While President Valencia was talking about how we all need to share 'He is the Gift' I had an impression to ask if Antonio and Cristian (a convert from the other sisters) could go up in front and share how that one video changed their lives. I was so scared to go up in front of everyone and ask the President, but I knew I needed to do it! Antonio and Cristian so bravely got up and they shared their testimonies. It put everyone into tears. You could feel the spirit so strong! They invited everyone to hand out the pass a long cards to all their friends and to do it enthusiastically. I could not believe it.

President Valencia then asked them if they wanted to serve missions and in front of everyone they said yes! I can't even tell you how we felt as missionaries. It was the best feeling ever! They then got interviewed to receive the priesthood and got assigned home teachers and everything! I LOVE THE GOSPEL! It is so cool! and I know that the lives of these boys are changing! I can see it working in them!

I know this church is true! I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that he knows what we are going through! I know more than anything that he wants us to grow closer to him! I know Jesus Christ is our Savior and I know that through him anything is possible!

I love you all! and I invite each and everyone one of you to think about him this new year as you are making your resolutions!

Hermana Riedelbach 

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Tender Mercies!

Hello! How are you all?? I am doing so good! I have a bunch of stories to tell you all!

This week started out slow like the past couple of weeks, but Hermana Wonnacott and I are over the moon about how the week ended!

So, we contacted a lady like two weeks ago, and she gave us her address to go to her house.  We were so excited, but she lived SO far away. We had an appointment to go see her on Tuesday. So we start walking and walking and walking, and we were exhausted. We thought about going and seeing someone else because even though we had been walking forever, the lady was still so far away, but something told us that we needed to go and find her.

We finally get all the way to her house and guess was a fake address. We were so bummed! As we turn around to go home a lady asked us if we were lost,  I was so surprised. We seized the opportunity to contact her. She said that she would love to see us in her house and pointed it right out to us! We were smiling so BIG after that. What a miracle, seriously! We made an appointment to go by and visit her the next day, and oh my, they are so prepared! On Saturday, we challenged them to be baptized and they accepted. They just have to get married now! haha, but they are the best! They have even invited us over to dinner two days this week! They have two little kids that are so cute as well!

Then, on Friday we had 30 minutes to kill before we needed to go get Kanzi for the Branch Christmas activity. So we decided to go see a lady that we contacted on the street. I wasn't all that excited to go because she didn't show much interest, but we went anyway. Guess what? She wasn't home, BUT! her son was. We once again seized the opportunity to contact him. I had an impression to share the He is the Gift video with him. So, we sat down and started teaching him. We challenged him to be baptized right then and there, and he said YES! We invited him to the activity and he showed up. HOORAY!

It was unbelievable, we met him and in 30 minutes- he agreed to be baptized,  and to go to the activity! I almost cried. He showed up and bonded right away with an investigator from the other sisters in the Branch. We had a blast, and then we went back and saw him on Saturday. We taught him the Restoration and challenged him to be baptized on the 27th of December, and....HE ACCEPTED!

We gave him a Book of Mormon and asked him to read 3 Nephi 11. Then we invited him to church the next day! He went to church and afterward we were able to read 3 Nephi 11 and pray with him. It was so wonderful! He seriously remembered everything he read and everything we have taught him! I don't think I have met somebody so prepared my whole mission. When we asked if he had any questions about the lesson. He said, "Well, I have one question....What time do I need to be here on Saturday for my baptism?" :)  I think we just laughed out of pure JOY. He is so ready to become a member of this Church.

Then on Sunday night we went to an appointment and nobody was home. So we walked a little and then paused to figure out what we were doing and we hear "HEY!" So we look up and this lady says "Who are you? What do you do?" Once again we seized the opportunity to share the He is the Gift video and they invited us in their house. They told us they had been waiting to get baptized, but they haven't found their church yet. UM? What? They said that's why they stopped us in the street. They are legally married, (a huge surprise) and they have twins that are 16 years old. They asked us when we could come back again, we set up an appointment with all of them. We also challenged them to get baptized and they accepted!

These are all of the Tender Mercies that we have experienced this past week! We know that it is because of all the work we have done with He is the Gift. We have been working so hard, I mean like working harder than I ever have in my whole life, and honestly were a little down because we weren't seeing any fruits of our labors. I think Heavenly Father knew that we needed to work on our patience. I have to say I am so grateful for all of the blessings we have received this week, it was so worth it!

I love you all so much! Have a wonderful Christmas!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, December 15, 2014

The Most AWKWARD Lunch and The BIGGEST decision of My Mission!

WELL, this week was kind of a slump week for us. Our baptism dates fell and nobody was home.

BUT, Saturday and Sunday saved our spirits! We had District Conference (Like stake conference...but we are just branches so they call it a District)!! The Temple President came, a seventy came, the mission Presidency and the District President. We heard some awesome talks and learned a lot and it was PACKED. These members have some real faith. The whole time I was praying for an answer to a prayer, and nothing. I was a little disappointed.

UNTIL... my companion hasn't been feeling well and she asked for a blessing from the Pres then he offered to give me one too. I heard a lot of things I needed to hear and definitely got the answer to my prayer. Actually, I got the biggest spiritual confirmation that...Ok, I wanted to save this for Christmas, but I feel impressed to write it now.

I have been praying to know if I should extend my mission. Our President has given us all the opportunity to extend if we would like. I have been praying for awhile and I just haven't received an answer. SO, during the blessing I got the biggest spiritual confirmation that this is where I am supposed to be, and that I need to give it all I have for as long as I can. I know that I have more to do here and that there is more that I can do.

Which means that my new return date is scheduled for June 2015.

I don't think I have ever received a clearer answer from my Heavenly Father. I know that he answers our prayers in His time and he knows what's best for us.

Well, now to explain the awkward lunch. After the blessings, the President offered to give us a ride home, we live a little over an hour away from where the conference was. But, he told us that he had to eat first, and then invited us to eat with him, his family, the Temple Presidency, the Seventy, the District Presidency, the Mission Councilor, and his family. We walked into the room and it went dead silent and everyone stared at us and the other two sisters from Palenque. I don't think I have used such good manners during my whole mission. Really, it was so awkward, but they sat us at the kiddie table which helped a little bit. :)

Then we got to ride to Palenque with the President and his family and Elder Reyes of the Seventy. I brought some Laffy Taffy's (thanks, mom!) and they were a real ice breaker. Those jokes never get old! :)

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I love you all!

Hermana Riedelbach

P.S. I am sorry I don't have any pictures, I didn't take one picture this week!  Crazy!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Phew! What a Week!


It's been quite the week! I am so exhausted! We talked to more people in one week than I can even count....ok that's a lie because I did count!

I am proud to say that Hermana Wonnacott and I talked to 89 people and made 37 return visits. The most out of all of the Sisters in our zone!! We are so excited! We worked so hard. We didn't meet our goals, but we feel really accomplished. We came home every night  completely exhausted and had sore throats.

One night we even had a Christmas He is the Gift activity. 2 of the Elders were inside running the show, Hermana Wonnacott and I were singing Christmas songs on the street corner, 2 sisters and 2 other elders were contacting everyone that walked by! Needless to say, my voice is shot!

We also found 7 new investigators. Not the 20 we had hoped for...but they are all so good and 2 of them already have baptismal dates! We are excited and have faith that their baptismal dates will hold!

Today we got to go be tourists in good old Palenque land of the Nephites and Lamanites. Seriously, it's just another testimony that the Book of Mormon is true! We got to see what we think is the tower of King Benjamin! How stellar is that? It blew my mind!

(That is King Benjamin's tower behind us!)

(I am sitting on a Mayan toilet, they aren't very comfortable)  :)

We are continuing to work harder than ever! Thank you for all your love and support! have a great week!

Hermana Riedelbach

P.S. Here's our attempt to #sharethegift  I hope you are all sharing the gift as well!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What a Week!

This week has been CRAZY! I feel Like Hermana Wonnacott and I have been
friends for forever! We just work so naturally together, it's awesome!

This week is also going to be so crazy! We are buckling down and working hard,
our goal is 20 new investigators this week! We have to talk with more and
more people than we ever have in our whole missions. It's going to be
awesome and it's all because of this...

Go check it out! We are so excited! It's in times square as well. When we saw
the pictures we cried. I felt the spirit so strong, confirming that the
hastening of the work is HERE, and we are all a part of it! Our
responsibility is HUGE! I can't even begin to tell you all. I know that our
Savior lives, and that it is his time.

I love you all and hope you all have a wonderful week! 
I hope that you can all share the gospel during this month of

Hermana Riedelbach

P.S. I promise next weeks letter will be longer and in more detail, and with pictures.  I forgot my camera cord today.  :(

Monday, November 24, 2014

Spanglish Problems!

Well, I have some very exciting and saddish news!

My companion had transfers this week :( but I am so happy to be working with my new companion Hermana Wonnacott!!! (yes, she is American. She's the one in the middle of the picture below!) Which means we will be having a great time with the language and the Mexican men! ;)

The president came to our branch yesterday and told us that we needed to be smart and that he didn't want to regret this decision! Uh-oh, but we are so excited! She was already working in this area so we will continue to teach all of her investigators and all of my investigators! I think this weekend we will be having another baptism! We just need permission from his mom! Woot!

Speaking of baptisms...Manuelito got baptized this weekend! It was so pretty. We had to go out on a jungle adventure to get to the River where the baptism was going to take place. I am not even kidding we fit like 30 people in 4 cars. I'm telling you, there's never a dull moment in my mission! :)

The spirit was strong, we all felt it! And then suddenly, the monkeys in the trees starting peeing on things and throwing sticks and fruit at us! hahaha! Crazy!  But, even with all of that commotion it was a wonderful baptism, and it was wonderful to see Manuelito get baptised and receive the Holy Ghost!

(Bebe, I think you know this Elder's Grandma, his name is Elder Bromley)

I am so excited for this next transfer we have a lot of good things planned and a lot of ideas. Other then that nothing much has happened!

I am so excited for December! The Church is about to launch a new campaign (look on Youtube and Time Square starting DEC 1st!) we are so excited! Our President is really pushing us to work as hard as we can ALL of December to bring the message of Christ's birth to every ones house. I am so ready to work as hard as we can and so is Hermana Wonnacott! It might be hard with language problems, but I know that we can do it!

I actually kind of thought Hermana Wonnacott would be my new companion. On Saturday during the baptism I had a strong feeling when Hermana Wonnacott was directing the music that she would be my new companion! And then they called us that night and told us! I am so happy and we both have the same goals so, it's going to be so good!

(Breakfast this morning!)

I love you all and am so glad for all that you have done for me! Have a wonderful week! and take care!

Hermana Riedelbach!

Monday, November 17, 2014



I don't have enough time to write this week. :(  This week was good, and little challenging because I don't know anyone here, but my companion is helpíng me learn the area. We are scheduled to have a baptism this Saturday. His name in Manuel and he is 8 years old.

My companion is awesome! She is super ready to preach the gospel! We are excited, and have plans to work really hard this week, and to find those that are ready to hear the gospel.

One night this week we were walking and we passed a man who was sitting on the street corner. After we passed him my companion said, "we need to go back"! so, I followed her back and we started talking to him. He invited us into his store and we talked about the Book of Mormon with him, because that's what he wanted to know. His name is Beni and we went back yesterday and he had already read the pamphlet that we gave him and everything. We were so excited! I hope that we can make a lot of progress with him this week!

Other than that I think that's everything fun that happened! Sorry, my letter is so short, I had some other things that I needed to get done today as well!  Some weeks p-day's just aren't long enough!

I love you all and am so thankful for your examples and your support!


Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, November 10, 2014


This last week was crazy! Hermana Magaña's new companion was late on Tuesday morning and missed her bus, so I stayed in Villahermosa until Thursday.  I was able to make good use of the extra time and was able to say goodbye to all the people I have come to love in Lindavista.  I have been in this area longer than any other area I have served in.  It was hard to say goodbye.  I have loved this area, but I know that Palenque is where I am supposed to be now.

So, on Thursday I got to drive down toPalenque with the President, Sister Morales and 2 of the secretaries. What an adventure! We practiced contacting people in english as part of Language study :) it was so funny! I am pretty sure talking in english when I get home is going to stink.

On Wednesday and Thursday we spent all day in Zone Conference! I learned a ton and I am so grateful for all that President and Sister Morales do for us as missionaries.

Well, Palenque is BEAUTIFUL. It's a jungle, the mountains are so green and it's full of plants and animals. It's really touristy because there are the old Nephite pyramids! (haha) so the downtown is really cute, it's like park city, but in Mexico... :)

My companion is AWESOME she loves to work! Which is so good! We are enjoying our days together. On Saturday, we had a Baptism. I only got to teach her two times before she got baptized, but I already love her! Her name is Rosalía, she's 15 and super-ready! She was feeling a little sad before her baptism because of what kids said at school about the Mormons, but we were able to share some scriptures and the Spirit opened her heart!

They just started to remodel the Chapel here because it's too small. SO, we got to have our baptism in a river! It was so cool! It reminded me a lot about the video of Jesus Christ's baptism. Super special and spiritual.

I am so grateful for all of the experiences that the Lord has given me! I am so excited to be here in Palenque and to be able to help all of the people here!

I love you all so very much and am so grateful for all that you do for me!

Hermana Riedelbach 

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Lord Called and I Accepted!

This week was very interesting. I had the opportunity to work with three different sisters this week, I guess that's what happens when your companion is the mission nurse and someone gets sick. But, that isn't all that happened...

On Friday, we were in the offices helping a sick Elder get some medicine when the President walked in. He shook all of our hands and then said that he needed to see me in his office. My heart sunk, and I knew something was going to happen. 

I took a seat in his office, and he closed the door. The next thing he said was "The Lord has called you to a new assignment. We need you to finish the training of a Sister. Do you accept your new assignment?" I said "yes."
So for the fourth time in my mission, I will be having special transfers. Tomorrow I am headed to PELENQUE!!! I am so excited and nervous. I will be in a Trio for this week, and then on Sunday one of the sisters finishes her mission and heads home. Pelenque is where everyone in the mission wants to go, it's beautiful and this Zone baptizes the most people. I am so excited to go out and work hard. 

I however am sad to go. I have met a lot of amazing people in this area, and I will always cherish the memories that I have here in Lindavista! 

Here in Mexico they celebrate Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) it's like memorial day. They all go to the cemetaries and put flowers on the graves and things like that. Our President asked that we all go and contact people there. We went and it was super different, but I had a good time! It wasn't as successful as we hoped but, we got a few good references. 

This week I also hit my one year mark (Thanks for all the congratulations!). It makes me kind of sad, the time goes by so fast and there is so much more I want to do, and to accomplish in my mission. I have learned soooo much and have grown even more, I am sograteful for all of the experiences, and I can't wait to have more! 


Thank you for all your support and for all your prayers. I love you all so very much! Have a fantastic week!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, October 27, 2014

To Fetch a Pail of Water!

So, last Monday we got home at 9 p.m. and went to wash our hands, to our surprise we found  there wasn't any water. So, I asked myself what are we going to do?

WELL, that's obvious Hermana Riedelbach, you have to go fetch a pail of water from the neighbourhood well. (Sorry, I know I look lovely in the picture but it was 6:30 in the morning :) So we didn't have water for a whole week, because they were cleaning the pipes!  What?!  Every day we had to go get water to take a shower. It was quite the adventure!  :)

Every single day this week it rained and rained and rained.  Because I was cold, missing my favorite time of year at home, and all of the soups and stews my mom would make, I decided to make my Mom and Bebe's famous potato soup!  It was so good and reminded me of home. :)

This week I had one of the most spiritual experiences in my whole mission. We were teaching a new investigator, named Karla, the Restoration. We explained to her that when Jesus was here on the Earth he established his church with prophets, apostles. We explained the Great Apostasy and asked her how she felt to know that at one time all of the truths had been taken away from the earth. She told us that she felt sad along with some other things. We then explained the first vision. As I was repeating Joseph Smith's vision, I could feel the spirit so strong. I knew that at that moment, it was true and I knew that Karla knew it was true as well. I could see it in her eyes. We then asked her how she felt, and I could tell that she didn't have any words to explain the Spirit, and the feeling she had, but as we were explaining it she nodded her head as if she had felt the same. We challenged her to be baptized and she accepted! She wants to pray before we set a date, but I know she knows it's true. We have an appointment with her tonight and I can't wait to she what she has to say!

I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church that exists here on the earth. I know that Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

I love you all. Have a good week!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, October 20, 2014

Rain, Rain Go Away!

This last week was full of rain and I think I am officially Choca (people from Tabasco.) It was in the high 80's and I was freezing!! I used my raincoat and boots everyday! I think I am going to die when I come home.

(This little girl is from a less active family.  She is SO cute!  She gave my companion her tooth she just lost so that Hermana Magana won't forget her, she told me I would have to wait a little longer for a tooth because she doesn't have another loose one right now.)

Nothing super stellar happened this week. Our area is a little tough. Everyone is Catholic and right now Pope Fransico has commanded that they all go out and preach the Gospel. So we keep running into them and every time we do they say 'look the Mormons,' it makes me laugh :)

We were able to sit in on the new missionaries and trainers meeting,  it was so cool. I hope one day I will be able to train. In these training meetings, all of the new missionaries and the secretaries eat breakfast with the President at a restaurant. It is always a blast, but everyone is afraid to sit by the President so I always get to sit next to him! I love it. I always learn so much!

I love you all and pray for you all every night!

Hermana Riedelbach

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Temple!

Well, the President succeeded in teasing me...I really thought I might be leaving but, I get to stay here with my companion again this transfer! I am excited and know that there is work that we need to do here!

This week was a little interesting.

On Tuesday, we got to go to the temple with the Mission Council which was really cool! Being able to be inside with the President and his wife is something I will never forget. They are some of my best examples. I learned so much more this time at the temple, it was the first time I had ever seen the old video, I learned more during this visit to the temple than I have in all the other times I have gone through the temple.

I think going to the temple was something I took for granted at home. We are so close to so many temples and I hardly ever went. I have truly learned the importance of going to the temple here on my mission and I encourage all of you to go every week!

I love the temple!

A sister got sick this week so I had to go on splits with another sister and was working in her area the whole day. We got to teach a sister in the temple and I was so happy to be there again and to feel of the same spirit.

We found two new investigators this week! They are faithful members of another church, but we are working with them. I am so excited! I have faith that they will accept the Gospel.

Yesterday, today and tomorrow we will spend or have spent the whole day in the offices. We get to help out with taking the missionaries to and from the airport, training the new missionaries and doing all kinds of things. Tomorrow we get to be in the meeting with the trainers. I always love being in this meeting because we get to learn so much!  Tonight I get to work with the two new sisters! Hooray! I love being able to help out in more ways than one!

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, October 6, 2014

11 months!

Can you believe I have been out 11 months?  I can't believe it either!  11 months in the mission field. I feel like I have come a long way since October of  last year. I am so thankful that I am here, in Mexico serving a mission :) This week is also the last week of this transfer and I am ready but nervous for what lies ahead.

Today we had an office meeting (which is why I am writing so late.) and the President was playing mind games with me. He kept asking me if I am ready... What does that mean? Then he said a bunch of other stuff making it seem like I am going to be leaving. He then told me I shouldn't pack just yet, but I should say goodbye to my companion. Then, when we were talking about next week and the meeting for the newbies, he told everyone that there aren't going to be transfers. I am confused... BUT, ready for anything that comes my way.

This week we had the privilege of watching another mouse die!  Hooray!  He was trying to leave our house and then suddenly he fell on his back, rolled over and died. BUT, just to make sure he was dead, the neighbor came over and whacked it with her shoe! It was terrifying.

I loved conference! We were able to watch it in English and Spanish :) but for the most part in English. We, the missionaries, Hermana Armknect and I, had our own set up. The Elders called it Little America. It made me smile. I think my favorite was Elder Eyring (at least I think it was him). I learned so much about revelation and how we can receive it. I loved each and every talk, but the one about revelation answered most of my questions :)

I am so grateful that we have a living prophet and 12 apostles that can lead and guide us in any circumstance. I am so grateful that we can listen to them two times a year. I don't think I really understood the importance of this before my mission, but I am glad to say that I will be changing that :) I have a list of things to work on, and I hope you all do too!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, September 29, 2014

Casandra's Baptism!


This week went by so fast! It started out with our District meeting on Tuesday. In District meetings, we get to practice with the other missionaries in our District so we can learn and progress as missionaries. I always get so nervous when we teach other missionaries, but this week I decided that I was just going to listen to the spirit, and go with the flow.

My companion and I got to practice with our District Leader, it was one of the most spiritual lessons I think I have ever taught. All of our eyes were full of tears. I am so grateful for Jesus Christ and for his baptism. I am so grateful that he could be baptized so that we could follow his example and receive all the blessings that he has for us. I know that it is so important for us to make this covenant with Our Heavenly Father.

The rest of the week was full of making plans for Casandra's baptism! Woot!  We made all of the invitations and handed them out. Then we made bookmarks, programs, banners, letters and anything else we could think of.

We were a little bit upset because everyone in the Ward said that they wouldn't be able to attend the baptism because it was a difficult time of the day, because of the women's broadcast later that day we had to schedule her baptism for 12 noon. None the less, we went into full planning mode.

We got to the Church at 11:30 am to find the font full of dirt. WHAT? I couldn't believe it was happening again! We saw that it was SO dirty from the mirror over the font.  So, we ran around to the back so we could get in, and the doors were locked... AH, so we run to the institute office and one of the counselors of the mission is there, but of course, he doesn't have keys. So, we come up with a brilliant plan, I would jump over the glass to unlock the doors. WHAT?  But, with help from President Vasquez and my companion, I jumped the glass to unlock the doors in a skirt, no less. Ha, the mission is always an adventure!

We solved the first problem, but then the font wouldn't drain...AH!  We tried to call our bishop but, he wouldn't answer his phone so, we called the Elders and they came running. They started to look outside and move levers and things to try and get the font to drain while we were cleaning it, and then suddenly the font starts filling up with water! We started screaming,  and then had to bail all of the water out with trash cans.

We finished cleaning out the font around 12:05 pm and NO ONE WAS THERE. Not even Casandra. AH. We call her and she says that her grandma was working and wouldn't let her go alone. We decided to wait until someone showed up with a car to go get her. We finished decorating the room and setting everything up at 12:30 and still no one is there. I wanted to cry.

We franticly start calling everyone and then a miracle happened. A brother from the other ward showed up and a YSA, they said that they could go get Casandra. 5 minutes later 20 people walked in the door. We couldn't believe our eyes. :)

We then had a beautiful baptism. After all of the stress, we were so happy that she chose to be baptized. Later that night we got to watch the women's conference, it was the perfect end to a wonderful day.

On Sunday, we get to church and the sister that usually picks up Casandra shows up without her...WHAT? It turns out that her grandma wouldn't let her come because the meat store wasn't open, and Casandra needed to buy the meat for their food. So, we go running with the Young Women's president to look for her, because if she didn't get confirmed she would have to get baptized all over again.

We get to her house and she wasn't there so, we started helping her grandma with the food so she wouldn't be mad that we were going to take Casandra to Church,  and just then Casandra walks in. Her grandma let her go, and she was able to be confirmed, it was the first time I have been late to church my whole mission.

There opposition in all things. We had a strong testimony of that this week. But I am so grateful to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each and every one of us. He knows that things aren't going to be easy, but if we do what is right we will always to be able to see the blessings in our lives. I am so grateful for every one of the experiences that I have here in the mission field and for the miracles I can see and feel.

I love you all so much and will be praying for you all this week!
Hermana Riedelbach 

Monday, September 22, 2014

The Last Supper!

You'll never believe what happened this week! WE FOUND TWO DEAD MICE IN OUR HOUSE!! WOOOO! Ok, maybe that's not the news you all wanted to hear, but we are so happy! We fed them poison last week and waited and waited and waited. Then on Wednesday we woke up with two dead mice in our living room.  Eeek and yuck!

One of our dead mice.

You should have watched us trying to put them in the trash. It was so funny and so GROSS. I wanted to call someone to help us, but we felt like that would be too embarrassing!

But, for the BETTER news! Hermana Casandra is going to be baptized on Saturday (if she passes her interview tomorrow!). WOOOO! We are so excited! On Friday, we were in her house teaching her and we started teaching her about the Holy Ghost. She said that she felt a lot of peace at church and that she could forget all of her problems when she is there. So we asked her if she would like to have those feelings forever, and she said yes! We then explained what Jesus Christ did here on the earth and that she would need to be baptized to have the Holy Ghost with her at all times. And then she said yes and accepted a baptismal date for Saturday!

She came to church yesterday and was so happy. Then afterwards she told us that she was unsure, and we felt that maybe we should wait a bit longer so we could teach her more. But when we got to her house that night, she sat down next to me and thought really hard. I could tell that she wanted to say something, but I didn't know what. Then she said 'Grandma, I am going to get baptized this Saturday.'

I was so shocked. We taught her part of the first lesson and when we finished we kneeled with her and prayed. I said the first prayer and she said the second. The spirit was so sweet. Her prayer was so tender. I could tell that she was really talking with our Heavenly Father, and more importantly that she wanted really wanted to change and to be better.

We are praying really hard that she will pass her interview tomorrow, and that she can be baptized. She is such a sweet girl, she is only 13 and has already has been through a lot in her life. The whole ward is so excited for her, they are planning to make cakes and sing at her baptism.

Cassandra and I

This past week we also had interviews with the President. They were so good, and I learned a lot. I am so glad that my President is who he is. I have learned so much from him and his family!

He started out and asked 'What is the only thing that Heavenly Father doesn't have?' I started thinking and thinking and I couldn't think of anything. We all sat there for a minute pondering.  It's not our time, our money or our knowledge, then someone raised their hand and said that it's our agency, our will.

The most important thing that we can do here on the Earth is serve Him with all of our hearts, minds and strength. I know that we can all do better and be better. We can all choose to serve him with all that we have.


I hope you all have a great week and look for the opportunities to serve our Heavenly Father. I love you all!

Hermana Riedelbach 

Monday, September 15, 2014


Today is Mexican independence day! (What happened to Cinco de Mayo?) haha, we dressed up in Red, White and Green (I felt like Christmas) It got me so excited for Christmas, not to mention that all of the stores here already have Christmas stuff up! WOOT!

Ok, back on topic...This week was so good! We were able to find 7 new investigators and three of them accepted to be baptized. We have an appointment with them on Sunday so, I'm excited to see what happens!! They were a referral from our bishop. They actually asked to meet with us...WHAT? But they don't actually live in our, we are going to talk to the President this week to see what he says!

Yesterday we had a day full of food. I am not even kidding you, I have no idea how it all fit. We ate our main meal at 2ish (we both ate was delish) and then we went to an appointment. While we were on our way and investigator called and invited us to her birthday party. She wanted to invite us to eat cake. Of course, we said yes! But, during our appointment our investigators fed us Horchata and cookies. I drank two big glasses of Horchata and then we left to go to eat cake.

When we pulled up to the house we realized that it was a full on party, there was music playing and a lot of people there. We didn't know what to do, so we ran down the street to stall. Then we got a phone call from them and they told us they were waiting for us. So, we went back and they gave each of us a plate full of meat (three different kinds), and a bowl full of spaghetti. I wanted to cry. Then they brought out a bunch of soda and chicharrones. (google that one) wanted to be nice so I kept eating, then they brought out a cake, WHAT? I don't know how people do it. Finally, my companion said that she couldn't do it anymore and asked for a  Tupperware container. hahahah!

After the party, we went running to another appointment with Casandra (remember her?) She is so great! She has so many good questions which keep us on our toes. She came to church yesterday which was so good! She loved it and wanted to stay longer. She has plans to go to mutual this week! We tried to challenge her to baptism, but she had so many questions that we never got around to it. When we arrived at her house her grandma told us that she had dinner for us....AHHH. I wanted to die. But luckily, we were at her house until 8:50 pm and we have to be home by 9 pm so, we asked if we could take it to go, she said that was fine, and we went running.

We started getting worried because it was late, and we left our money at home so we couldn't pay for a taxi. As we were walking I said to my companion, 'The next taxi that honks at us I am going to ask if we can pay with food.' She just laughed at me. But the next taxi that honked, and rolled down his window  I Said, 'we don't have any money...but we have food!'  he asked us where were going, we told him, and he said get in! He was so nice and didn't accept our food either! Free taxi! woot woot!

Tonight we have two dinner appointments! Wish us luck! :)

A BIG Happy Birthday Shout Out! to Grandma Riedelbach and Andrea this week and Bebe, Cydnee and Carter next week!  I love and miss you all and hope you all have great birthdays!

I hope you all eat as much as I do this week! I love you all!

Hermana Riedelbach

This picture is a little strange but at least you'll understand my excitement for Christmas! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What a CRAZY week!

I feel so bad that I didn't get to write last week. We spent half of Sunday, all of Monday and all of Tuesday in the offices. We got to help receive the new missionaries, teach them about their health, and help out where we were needed (my translating skills stink...I can't remember the right words for anything.). It was really a great experience. I remember my first day here and I can't believe it's already been 10 months since I left. The time has flown by!

We didn't end up having a baptism this past weekend, Hermana Maribel had some problems, but we are still working hard. This week we found 6 new investigators! We are really excited for one of them! Her name is Casandra. She is the granddaughter of an old investigator.

We went to visit/meet Casandra's grandma with a member and she was there. The grandma had a bad experience with the missionaries in the past and doesn't really want anything to do with it, but said 'Here, take her to church tomorrow!' We were so excited yesterday when we walked into church and she was there! She said she liked church! We have an appointment with her tomorrow and hope that it will go well! 

Yesterday we went and visited an inactive member who lives below us. He actually used to be the bishop...Everyone has told us that he hates the missionaries and won't talk to them, or let his wife feed us, but last night we decided to talk to him and see what would happen. It was so great! He is so nice and told us that he would help us with our mouse problem. He sent us home with a homemade trap and told us he would cut some wood for our door. or let his wife feed us, but last night we decided to talk to him and see what would happen. It was so great! He is so nice and told us that he would help us with our mouse problem. He sent us home with a homemade trap and told us he would cut some wood for our door.

The mouse that we have is so very smart. He took all of the food from the trap and it didn't shut. I think we have given up on catching that thing.

In our mission we have a rule or standard that we need to contact two people and put a return appointment with them every day. Yesterday we weren't having any luck, we even got into a singing battle with a woman who was singing our hymns wrong. We were so upset. I contacted like 10 people and NOTHING. Then we turned a corner and contacted the first two people we saw and they accepted! I couldn't believe it.

This month is the July of the USA. Everything is decked out in Red, White and Green, including me! (See the photo below.) hahahah. One night after we organized half of the offices we found decorations for the 15th of September and we decorated with Sister Morales and her daughters. It was so fun!

Today for P-day we built a fort with all the of the tables and sheets that we own. Then we ate, watched a movie and slept in it. Pictures to come!

I love you all! I hope you all have a good week!

Hermana Elise Riedelbach

Monday, August 25, 2014

Tenemos una FECHA!!!! (We have a DATE!!!)

This week has been so exciting! On Monday night, we had an FHE with Hermana Maribel. It was so good! We taught lesson one which is The Restoration. During our lesson, we challenged her to be baptized on September 6th, and she accepted!!! We are so happy!

This week was also full of what we call "osos" (awkward moments...). After we were done eating at a members house I shared a scripture, and while I was bearing my testimony, I look down and there is a spider thing crawling on my shirt. I react, and start screaming, "help me!" so, my companion tried to flick it off of me with my name tag. The members asked what it was, I said I didn't know, and my companion she didn't know either. We kept talking and it showed up again on my side so, the member came over and pinched it off of me, and then said that it was a bug that always fell from their lights.

So, we finish our lesson and leave, the FIRST thing that my companion says to me after we get far enough away from their house is, "I know what that bug was a flea" WHHHAAATT?! Yep, that's right, I had a flea or two on me... :(

Today we got to go on a Safari! That's right, we went to YUMKA! It was so fun! The first animals we got to see were deer. Ha ha ha, all of us from Utah and Idaho got a good laugh. We got to see elephants, deer, zebras, giraffes, crocodiles, birds, monkeys and snakes. It was a great adventure and a lot of fun!

This week our Mission President came to our house to study with us one morning. It was a great surprise. :) We learned more about the great apostasy, and why it is so important to understand it. We learned that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only church that has the same things that Jesus's church had. We have 12 apostles and a prophet. We are very lucky we live now, at a time when we are able to have these things on the earth and a part of our church.

I love you all, and I am so grateful to have such a great group of family and friends! Keep choosing the right!

Hermana Riedelbach 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Zone Conference and Activities!

This week was so good! On Tuesday we had a specialized Zone Conference. It was so good! We were able to teach a member and receive references. Afterwards, we got to go to a children's museum and play, it was so much fun. We got to learn a little science and play around. :)

We are in a boat in the museum

After we finished at the museum we got to go to a park and play sports. This was by far, one of the most fun activities ever. We got to play Mission offices against Zone Leaders, let's just say, volleyball isn't my best sport, :(  I got kicked off the team... then we played Gringos against the Latinos. IT WAS HYSTERICAL! The President told us that we (the sisters) had to be cheerleaders. We had fun making up cheers for team USA! and WE WON! (probably because of all our great cheers!)  After volleyball we got to go play basketball, the sisters all played together with the President's daughters, and the Elders all played with the President. It was so much fun! 

The next morning we had to make a flag to represent our Zone. I think ours turned out the best by far. Hermana Lowe and I spent the whole morning making balloon swords for the whole Zone. It was so funny!

I am so grateful for the opportunity that we had to play, and relax a little bit!

On Thursday, one of our investigators Maribell went to the Relief Society activity and loved it. We didn't get a chance to meet with Roger again this week because we were in the Doctors offices with some sisters, running errands, and things like that but, Roger went to the stake YM and YW activity on Saturday, and he had a blast!

Both Roger and Maribell showed up for church on Sunday, and we were so happy! We had been praying for a miracle, and guess what? It happened! Two less active families came to church and our two investigators! I can't tell you all how happy we were. We couldn't stop smiling. Our ward doesn't have any young men that are active, and yesterday we had FOUR young men come!  Woot woot!  We are working hard to keep them coming.

The Lord is so good, and blesses us in so many ways. Our planners for this week are full with appointments! We are so grateful for all of the appointments that we have, and hope that we will be able to see some new investigators this week as well!

I love you all, and hope you are all doing well!!

Hermana Riedelbach