Monday, January 26, 2015

Opposition In All Things

This week started out so good! We were able to make two baptismal dates and find some good people! We had some real powerful lessons and everything for us and the Sisters was going so good!

Then, as we all know, there is opposition in all things. All of our dates started to fall and investigators started having doubts and everything went downhill! I don't say this to be sad because I am actually really happy! But, I just want to testify, as we are hastening our work so is Satan.

I learned so much this week! We have so much more work to do here in PALENQUE! There are always more people to find and more people to help. Despite the things listed above, we had some great moments this week! Things are looking good! We worked hard and I have a feeling that a miracle is about to come our way!

As of now, Francisca is ready to be baptized this Saturday, she has some major doubts though. BUT, we will continue to work with her and hope for the best! PRAYERS AND FAITH!

On Saturday, we received a reference from a member, he came to church yesterday! His name is José. We have an appointment with him tonight, and I think he is golden. He wants to change his life. WOOT! BLESSINGS!

I know my emails are getting super short, and there aren't any pictures...Next week, I promise that my letter will be longer and more detailed.

I love you all and can't wait to hear back! hint, hint :)

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Good Week!

Hello All!

How's it going? Things here in Palenque are going just fine! This last week we worked hard in spite of the rain every day! After a while, my raincoat stopped working so I walked around in a trash bag to protect myself! :)

This week we worked so hard to get some dates set and to get investigators coming to Sacrament meeting! Well, we got half of that accomplished! We had 4 investigators at church yesterday! I can't tell you how excited I was :) We are hoping that some of these people will choose to get baptized this month and the beginning of February! We also had some less active members that came to church yesterday as well! I think you could call it a pretty successful Sunday!

MARIO: He is 17 years old, kind of a punk! But he is so great! He understands that it's important to be baptized, but he wants to receive an answer before he makes a choice. So right now he is praying and reading the book of Mormon!

FRANSISCA and TANIA: They are two sisters, Fransisca came to church yesterday and loved it! She said she just felt like part of the group! They are having trouble recognizing their answers. We have explained what the Holy Ghost is a bunch of times and how they will receive answers. They have some hidden doubt and we have yet to get to that point...but we are working on it!

MARGARITA, SOLEDAD, JOSÉ, AND ALFREDO: They are awesome! We found them this week and we are so excited to be teaching them! We invited them to come to church on Sunday and they said they would come and guess what? They (ok, Margarita and Soledad) actually showed up! We only visited with them for 15 minutes! We were so happy! We have an appointment to visit them tonight! Wish us luck!

These are all of our progressing investigators! We are hoping to get them all baptized here soon, but we will see how things go!

This Saturday we had interviews....that was quite the show! The Assistants forgot to tell us that we would be having interviews that we get a call at 10am on Saturday saying that we needed to be in Zapata (an hour away) at 10am...haha, we showed up two hours late. We missed a little bit, but we were able to be interviewed and to play a little bit!

I hope next week we will have some more exciting news! I love you all and am so grateful for all that you do for me! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Riedelbach

p.s. I forgot my camera in the pictures next week??

Monday, January 12, 2015

I am Grateful for the Holy Ghost!

Well, not much happened last week. We spent all day Monday and Tuesday in Villahermosa.

In our mission, the new missionaries write us a letter and then read it during the Welcoming Meeting. Then the President gives us the chance to choose our companion by revelation. He has a list, but he would like us to receive our own personal revelation. When we know who our companion is, we raise our hand and he lets us know if we are right. I was so nervous, I had been praying ever since I knew that was how the President assigns those sisters we would train.  I was praying that I would be able to choose correctly. When we walked in we hugged all the new sisters,  there was one that was taller than the others,  I laughed in my head...what if the President puts us together.

When she got up to read I felt really calm but didn't really pay much attention, and then she stopped talking and I just felt like it was her. I put my hand up and the President said 'Muy bien Hermana Riedelbach. How did you know?'

The Holy Ghost told me. :)

It's a little different having a new companion, but I am enjoying teaching her and trying to be better so that she can learn and grow as well. Her name is Hermana Lazaro! She is from Mexico City. She is so great, she has a big desire to help all those around her. We are learning and growing together. I am so grateful that she is my companion and that we get to work together!

While I was in Villa I got to see Hermana Pasley! I missed her so much it was so much fun to catch up with all the sisters! I also got to see Hermana Vazquez she will also be training this transfer! I am so proud of her! Below is a picture with me and my hijitas!

I love you all so much! I am praying for you all and wish the best for you!

Hermana Riedelbach

Monday, January 5, 2015

What a Weekend!

Well, this week transfers happened... The mission office called us on Saturday and told us that we would be the same. So that's pretty cool, Sister Wonnacott and I were happy.

Then on Sunday we are eating lunch and the Zone leaders walk by and say 'Are you sure that you don't all have transfers? Because I just talked with the assistants and they told me that Hermana Wonnacott is being transferred....' WHAT??

So, I call our Sister Training Leader and she calls the assistants, they tell her that Sister Wonnacott is being transferred to Villahermosa. So, right now I am in Villahermosa because I had to come and drop her off, and wait for my new companion. I have no idea who it is going to be, because she is a new sister and I will be meeting her tomorrow to start her training. I am a little bit scared about that. But I know that if that's what the Lord wants, that's what I'll do. Like Nephi, ' I will go and do what the Lord has commanded'.

In other news! Antonio got the priesthood on Sunday! I am so proud of him. He is so happy and he keeps talking about going on a mission! Which makes me even happier! This last week we have been meeting with a family and I am so excited! I think that the two daughters will be getting baptized here shortly!

I was so sad to say goodbye to Hermana Wonnacott, I learned a lot from her! She is amazing and funny. One day we turned the mission into StarWars...I don't think we stopped laughing especially because our zone leader makes the perfect chewy...but don't tell him that! I will miss Hermana Wonnacott and her desire to work!

I am excited to see what things my new companion and I can accomplish this transfer! We are going to work hard and do everything that we can to be obedient and to baptize!

I love you all!

Hermana Riedelbach

P.S. I'll need lots of prayers this transfer!