Monday, January 26, 2015

Opposition In All Things

This week started out so good! We were able to make two baptismal dates and find some good people! We had some real powerful lessons and everything for us and the Sisters was going so good!

Then, as we all know, there is opposition in all things. All of our dates started to fall and investigators started having doubts and everything went downhill! I don't say this to be sad because I am actually really happy! But, I just want to testify, as we are hastening our work so is Satan.

I learned so much this week! We have so much more work to do here in PALENQUE! There are always more people to find and more people to help. Despite the things listed above, we had some great moments this week! Things are looking good! We worked hard and I have a feeling that a miracle is about to come our way!

As of now, Francisca is ready to be baptized this Saturday, she has some major doubts though. BUT, we will continue to work with her and hope for the best! PRAYERS AND FAITH!

On Saturday, we received a reference from a member, he came to church yesterday! His name is José. We have an appointment with him tonight, and I think he is golden. He wants to change his life. WOOT! BLESSINGS!

I know my emails are getting super short, and there aren't any pictures...Next week, I promise that my letter will be longer and more detailed.

I love you all and can't wait to hear back! hint, hint :)

Hermana Riedelbach

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