Monday, March 3, 2014

Small and Simple Things

This week was full of small and simple Milagros.

3 of our investigators have baptisimal dates! We are working so hard with them so that they can know everything there is to know about this Gospel.

One of them, Hermanito Carlitos came to church for 4 weeks and had never met with the missionaries or anything. He is 13 years old and wants to be baptized and his parents gave their permission! What a blessing!

The other two are a couple. Right now we are working on getting them married. The Hermano can't read or write, but, his wife can. It's a little hard for them to understand everything but, they are so good! They have a desire to be baptized and be a part of this church!

Another great Milagro; remember the Lopez Family? Well, Hermanito Roro decided to attend EFY! It was such a blessing and a milagro. At first he didn't want to go so, we brought the directors of EFY over to his house so that they could explain more of what EFY was. He still didn't want to go so, we went back the next day and talked about it and still no. Then the Teachers Quorum President went over to invite him himself. He talked to him about EFY and showed him a video and then he decided yes he would go,and he is so excited! This truly is a testament that we can't do this work on our own. We need the help of members!

The Lopez Family is my second family. I love them so much and they are progressing slowly but surley. Hermana Maria Luisa has had some really awesome experiences with prayer this month and we are going to commit her to a date this week! So, start praying! Ok, I am half joking on that one. She has a lot of fear to be baptized without her husband but, I know that she can do it!

President Valenzuela of the Seventy came this week, and wow, he has a great testimony! He told us a lot of things that we needed to work on and to do better. I think the biggest thing I learned was that everything starts on our knees with prayer. We have a big goal here in Mexico to baptize every week and I truly want to do that, and so does everyone in this mission but, then he asked us how many people have prayed for that? 1 Elder raised his hand. We can't receive anything if we don't ask for it! I keep wanting help with my Spanish or to remember things better but, how many times have I asked for this in my prayers? I haven't really... We need to be specific in the things that we pray for and actually ask for things. The Lord wants to bless all of us because he loves us but, we need to ask and we need to be worthy to receive them.

Hermana Gonzalez is the best! I love her so much, we laugh so hard! I live with two other sisters right now and they are hysterical as well! We have so much fun together! Hermana Pasley and Hermana Aguirre they are crazy but, so fun! This week we found the biggest spider I have ever seen in my life! Oh my stars! It was huge! I have a video of me trying to kill it, I will try to send that in a minute! We also had a salamander, but he died so we had a funeral! hahaha.

I want to thank Bebe for the Valentine package she sent. It is so wonderful getting pieces of home.  

I also want to wish Bella, Ava, Holly and G-Pa Happy Birthday!  I hope you all had/have a wonderful day!  I miss you all.

I love you all tons! Have a good week!
Hermana Riedelbach

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