Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surprise! I am back in Carmen!

My oh my! My Mission President is just full of wonderful surprises! On Friday morning I received a call that went something like this:

Ring Ring

Me: Bueno!
Man on phone: Quien Hable? (Who's talking?)
Me: (Hermana!)
Hermana C: Bueno....Hermana Castro....quien hable?
Man on phone: Su amigo (your friend)
Both of us: uh... what the heck....
Man on phone:...Presidente Morales...
us: Uh-oh
Presidente: Put it on speaker phone please...
Us: oh no.
Presidente: I have some news for you. Hermana Riedelbach is heading back to Carmen with Hermana Gonzalez. I will be there in 2 hours, start packing. Don't cry, you'll be best friends forever!
Us: bueno muchas gracias!

Of course we cried! Hermana Castro is going to be one of my best friends forever. We both felt like this was going to happen and actually we both kind of wanted it. We weren't progressing being together. We had interviews with President Morales on Tuesday and we all thought it would be for the best but, we thought he changed his mind because we hadn't heard from him by Friday.

I love being back in Carmen. It's so great to be teaching all of my old investigators again and my Spanish has improved tremendously! Hermana Gonzalez is really great! She is from Guatemala she took English for 9 years but, I won't let her speak English to me. I am trying so hard to learn Spanish for myself and not depend on anyone and, it's starting to paying off!

It's hotter than hot here. It's 90 today and 95ish the rest of the week. I have NEVER sweated so much in my life. Seriously, I walk outside and it's like I just got out of the shower. It's nasty but, maybe i'll get skinny? :)

We are working hard with our 6 investigators and hope to have a baptism every week in March! Seriously this place is ready to hear the Gospel! Our zone has over 15 baptisms this month! It's such a blessing to be back!

I had a really great time serving in Villahermosa. We served on a team, it was an experiment the President tried out. We worked hand in hand with the Elders in our ward and didn't have areas. We ate with them everyday and had a blast! One day this lady gave us 3 huge tacos, ice cream, and soup. But she only gave me and Hermana Castro soup and tacos, the Elders did not get any soup. Elder Flake and I finished our tacos and were so full. I had no idea what to do with the soup so, when the lady went and took a shower we had time to think. I gave my soup to Elder Flake and said "here, take one for the team!" He then proceeded to dump it into Hermana Castro's bowl and then Elder Palasicos grabbed Hermana Castro's bowl and ran into the Kitchen and dumped it into the big pot on the stove. It was HILARIOUS! Seriously, we had so much fun with them and so many good ideas! It was really hard to leave but, it's for the better and I know that!

While in Villahermosa I got to attend the temple! What a blessing! This weekend President Valenzuela (The 70 over Mexico, he spoke in conference this past October) is coming to have a zone conference with us! I am so excited to learn and to be enlightened. I will give a full report on Monday! 

Love you all!

Hermana Riedelbach

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