Monday, February 10, 2014

No Me Diga!

This week has for sure been unexpected. I think I spoke to soon about transfers last week! Let me start from the beginning.

Every night since Hermana Castro came back from Villahermosa there has been a fiesta, or fighting animals outside of our house. Meaning that we weren't able to sleep for a week, not to mention that I sleep on a piece of wood (ok, not really, but that's what it feels like.) So, on Tuesday morning we called our Zone Leader and asked if we could move into the new house with the new Hermanas that were coming to our ward. He said he would call the President and ask. We finished studying and then we received a call saying that we could move in with them on Thursday. But, on Thursday we were supposed to go to Villahermosa for Hermana Castro's back. So he said we needed to have everything ready to go so when we got back on Saturday we could move in.

We spent the whole day packing and cleaning the whole apartment. It was 90 degrees outside...needless to say it was a long day with another sleepless night. On Wednesday morning we received a call saying that we needed to move into the apartment at 12. WHAT. We started calling people and asking for help. It was a crazy morning, one that involved me locking the keys on the inside of the house. oops. We asked a random man on the street for help and he was able to help us get back in, and we didn't have to pay anyone. QUE BENDICIÓN! The Elders told us that they cleaned the house on Monday and it would be ready to go for us.  

A Hermano in our ward arrived at our house to help us move and he brought his truck...which he uses for animals because he is a vet. ummm...ha... So, we loaded everything in the truck and then he told us to sit on our desk chairs in the back...hahaha. There was also a dog in the back with us. The roads in Carmen are horrible and every time we went over a bump the dog would poop. ha ha ha! Needless to say it was a smelly ride. :)

When we got to our new house it was a wreck. Elder's and cleaning don't really work out. We spent the next THREE hours on our hands and knees cleaning the place. We were so exhausted that we didn't even make our beds that night, we just slept on top of everything.

The next day we packed our suitcase and then headed to Villahermosa. My companion is hysterical and made us take a combi. They are these insane van things. Anyway,  we both had to cram in the front seat with the driver and my was quite the adventure. I had a feeling the whole way to Villahermosa that we wouldn't be returning together. I was sad but we had the best time on the bus laughing and talking about our lives. Hermana Castro is truly on of my best friends. I love her so much!

Hermana Castro had been feeling worse and worse each day in Villa. First, I had to go sign my green card and then on Saturday she had her appointments. I got to work with a couple of different sisters while Hermana Castro had her appointments. It was fun! But, I didn't hear from her all day, which I didn't take to be a good thing.

That night Villahermosa had Stake Conference. When I got there I saw Hermana Castro and she said welp, looks like I have to stay here. NO ME DIGA. Just before the meeting we saw the President and he said that it looked like I would be going back to Carmen with a different companion. I started crying and so did my companion. I don't know why, but I was terrified of that thought. He saw that, and said we will talk the next day.

On Sunday, after the session was over the President talked with Hermana. Castro and told her that she needed to finish this transfer here and that I needed to go back to Carmen but, he would let me know today who to go with. He said that we needed to start saying goodbye to each other permanently and that he was going to pray really hard about our companions. No Me Diga! I knew in that moment that whatever happened it would be because God has a plan for us.

Today we waited and waited for a phone call and never got one. So, we decided to go to the grocery store with some of the Hermanas. While we were there Hermana. Castro saw that she had a ton of money in her account and she took it out not knowing what it was or why she had it. Then she called the Secretary and told him about all of the extra money and he said he made a mistake and we needed to go to the offices right then. When we got to the offices Hermana Morales and President Morales came out and talked to us and then told us to sit down and ready the Ensign. We had already given them the money and we were really confused as to why we were waiting. After about 30 minutes they came out of their office and said alright, here's the plan. Let us know what you think.

"WE think that you two are going to be able to stay together here in Villahermosa!"


"You guys are going to be OPENING UP A NEW AREA!!! You will live with 4 other Hermanas in the same house (don't worry, it's huge.)!!"

I really like the other Hermanas!! NO ME DIGA!!!

We told him that we really liked that idea, and he said that he wasn't planning on this, but that it was the Lord's plan.

So, we ended up getting transferred from Carmen. We didn't get to say goodbye to anyone...but, maybe it's better that way?

I am so excited to be working here! It's going to be hard but, we are ready for the Challenge! We experienced so many miracles this weekend and I am so sad that I don't have anytime to tell you all about them!

I have no doubt in my heart that the Lord knows what he is doing and that he has a plan for all of us. I can't wait to see the adventures this Transfer has for us. Thank you all for your support and love. This week has been rough, but I always felt comforted when I thought of you all back home!

Hermana Riedelbach

P.S. WE have a joke here that I am the Presidents daughter because I look so much like his daughter and we always seem to be matching. hahaha so, on Sunday night he told his daughter to put my name tag on and then he took a picture of us. Today when he saw me he said hey cogi! That's her nickname and everyone calls her Hermana Riedelbach. It's so funny!

P.S.S. No me diga is like are you kidding me? 

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