Monday, March 10, 2014

My Mission First: Peeing my Pants :)

I can't believe another week has flown by! Transfers are next week and I can't believe it, another 6 weeks here. Where does the time go? I don't think I will be leaving Carmen or my area, but who knows?

This week was really good! The days flew by because we had a lot of appointments! It was surely a blessing! This week we worked really hard with the Lopez family and Hermana Maria Luisa has a baptism date! March 22! We are more than excited!

We also asked Hermanito Rodrigo or Roro and he declined. But I talked with him some more and he told me he would start praying about it. I am so excited for him. We gave him his own copy of the Book of Mormon on Saturday and he started reading a chapter everyday and marking his scriptures. Yesterday at Church he was chatting it up with all of the young men and he looked so happy! I can't even begin to tell you all the changes I am seeing in this families life. It is so amazing! I want to finish my mission with them in the temple but,  Hermano Nestor still isn't so sure about this. He went to church yesterday and said that he would continue to go to church and support his family but, he thinks that his baptism in the Catholic church is enough. Little by little we are working with him.

Hermano Carlitos continues to be golden but, we have to move date back a week or two which stinks but, as long as he keeps following through, we will be good! He really has a desire to work hard and to learn more about this church. I am amazed at the youth here and all they do!

We made a break through with Hermano Carlos and his "wife" Hermana Rafaela. They have a hard time learning but, we made some huge posters with pictures to help describe what the lessons are about so they can study, learn and remember all of the things we teach them! On Sunday my companion quizzed them and they remembered everything we taught them! We are definitely going to keep this up with them!

Funnies: Oh man, oh man! I really don't think I have ever laughed this much in my whole life! Hermana Aguirre, Hermana Gonzalez and Hermana Pasley are the funniest people ever. We pretty much just laugh all the time! We all have a giant fear of the bugs here so, anytime there is a cockroach we scream and scream until someone,-usually me- gets up the guts up to kill it. I swear, the neighbors probably think we are getting murdered half the time.

Last night I went to use the bathroom and a huge flying cockroach flies in the window, I start screaming and run out. Hermana Aguirre grabs the mop and starts trying to kill it while yelling DIE! DIE! DIE! in English and it just keeps flying and flying around our apartment. When we would think it was dead it would fly somewhere else. It was so funny and scary. I laughed so hard I peed my pants, literally. Oh man! It eventually flew in our room and then crawled under my bed and we killed it, but it took a good 30 minutes.

Hermana Aguirre wants to learn English and knows a little. We keep encouraging her to talk more. It's so funny. She knows a bunch of random songs in English and will just randomly say a line from a song. The other night in a meeting with our ward mission leader she just randomly says, "Touch me baby" hahaha WHAT? We DIED laughing. It was soooooo funny! The best part was that she forgot the mission leader speaks English, and he heard what she said. Oh man, his face!

Hermana Pasley is such a blessing, it's so nice to live with another American. She gets all my humor and it's fun to teach our companions funny things in English!

We serioulsy have the funnest times together! I can guarantee that after our missions we are all going to be best of friends! Hermana Pasley and I have so many things planned. I will be so sad if one of us is transferred this next Monday! After we are done writing to our families and friends I think we are headed to Dairy Queen! :)

I am so happy to be here with these amazing Hermanas and to be working for the Lord. I have witnessed so many miracles in my mission and know that without a doubt this is what I am supposed to be doing. I know that this is the true church. Every day I receive yet another witness. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I know that it is the most perfect book on this Earth. I know that Jesus Christ truly died for our sins. I know that this Gospel changes lives, because mine has changed so much from being out here! I know he answers our prayers, maybe not when we want it, but he always does!

I love you all and pray for you all every night! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Elise Riedelbach

P.S. Shout out to my newest blog stalkers The Pasley Family! I don't think it's creepy at all that you read my blog! And for everyone else go read about what happens in the other half of my ward

P.S. Watch this video, We had a training on it and I cried!

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