Monday, July 28, 2014

Another Wonderful Week!

Well, we didn't end up having baptisms this week BUT, don't worry they just got postponed. If everything goes to plan we will be having TWO baptisms this week. This family we are teaching has a lot of problems, they are all a little to personal to share on the internet but, we are continuing to work with them.

Funny story, one night we were working late in the Offices and the President was going to give us a ride home but, as we were leaving a family asked for a ride home as well (Awkward...). So, we all hop in the car and we start driving. The next thing I know, there is a strum of a guitar, and then the whole family starts singing. HAHA. The Dad of this family had a guitar, and they gave us a show! None of us knew what to do. It was so funny, strange, and kind. 

Then, when we got home one of the Assistants calls us to give us a reference so, my companion is talking to him on the phone, and I go out of the room to get some water. I was chatting with Hermana Suazo and suddenly she starts screaming and pointing. I look, and under a window there is a MOUSE. So, we all start screaming and run into my room, then my companion yells, "WHAT HAPPENED"? I yell back "MICKEY MOUSE" (that's what she calls mice)  Since she is still on the phone she says "Excuse me elder," and starts screaming! She hops on her bed, I am on mine, and Hermana Suazo is on my desk, and My companion says to the Elder "Sorry, I will call you back in five minutes," and she starts screaming again!

How embarrasing. That poor Elder. We called him back and he told us that if we don't kill the mouse, it's going to multiply. Thanks for the advice? :)

What exciting adventures we have here in good old México!

We are also working with a Youth named Roger. He is so great! He came to church yesterday. We are praying that he will accept a baptisimal date this week. We are eating dinner with his family this week! I taught him 'You're killin' me!' in English and he won't stop using it. It's sooo funny!

My companion and I celebrating the 24th!

And you might have noticed my makeup and jewelry...I begged the President to let us keep wearing it, he said "Hermana Riedelbach you are beautiful with out it"  a little awkward but, we can wear makeup again.  :)

I hope all is well!

Hermana Riedelbach

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