Monday, July 7, 2014

Unexpected News!

WELL... I had another "Special Transfer".  Ha! I hope this is the last one I have during my mission. :)  AND, I promise that I am not a bad missionary, things just happen.  Some other things have also changed a bit in our mission to keep all of us American girls safe.  We are no longer allowed to wear makeup or jewelry so, when you see me in my pictures you will understand why I always look like this.  :)

Last day in a trio!

But, I feel like I have to explain some things first... The last few weeks have been really hard. The area that I came into didn't have ANY investigators, we were basically starting over. We prayed, fasted, and worked harder than I have ever worked during my mission to find people that were ready to hear the gospel, and we weren't having any success. It was so frustrating. Then, last Sunday we got a reference for a family from some Elders in the area so, we called and set up an appointment.

Oh my, our prayers were finally answered!  THEY ARE THE BEST PEOPLE EVER. This family is SOOOOOO ready to hear the gospel. They have so many problems but, they want to change, and accepted to be baptized. AHHH. We were soo grateful. Hna. Luisa and her cousin Fer are scheduled to be baptized on the 17th!! They are GOLDEN! They ask the best questions, and read the Book of Mormon. They are so ready for baptism!

Luisa and Fer who are going to be baptized at the temple with the youth in the ward

Then, on Thursday we got a call...Transfers. (This is one of the stories that I will tell you all after my mission :)) WHAT!!! I kind of knew it was coming though. But, after we finally found that golden family? Ahhhh....

I am now in Lindavista with Hermana Magaña. She is 28 and from El Salvador, she is the mission's nurse, which means that we work in the offices :) I feel really special :) Hermana Magaña is really great! We are going to be opening this area, it was closed in the last transfer so, we are starting from ground zero again. BUT, the best news is, we got permission to teach the families I just started teaching with baptismal dates! I am SO HAPPY! and feel so blessed!

First day in my new area, Lindavista 

Oh, and don't worry about the earthquake. I woke up but, didn't feel a thing. My companion felt it but, she didn't want to scare me so she didn't say anything.  I couldn't believe it. It didn't hit very hard here. In another part of the mission it did some damage but, not a lot. All the missionaries are safe and accounted for!

Since I am behind on posting pictures, here are a few from Frontera.  There is a wonderful Sister who made all of the Hermanas matching dresses,  2 wonderful families it was hard to say good bye to, and my birthday cake!

I love you all! Have a great week!

Hermana Elise Riedelbach 

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