Monday, July 14, 2014

What a Week!

Hello all!

This week was very interesting! It started Monday night at three in the morning, we got a phone call, it was Hermana Morales (the Presidents wife). She said that they were on their way to our house with Hermana Pasley and Hermana Martinez. They were in the hospital and needed to sleep at our house.

When they arrived we went downstairs, I must have looked like a wreck,because the President looked at me and immediately said 'Oh Hermana Riedelbach I am so sorry, I really am soooo sorry that you had to wake up," and then he said it like three more times after that. How embarrassing! I guess a mission is just one big humbling experience!

On Thursday we got the chance to go to the temple, it was soo good. I learned so much this time. I was so grateful, especially because I got to go with my best friends from the mission all at the same time. Hermana Lowe, Hermana Pasley and Hermana Martinez!

We are working hard with the investigators that we have and we are trying to find new ones each day. Hermana Luisa came to church this week! They are doing so well but, we have to move their baptismal date back a week, that's ok, because they are still progressing! This week was full of tender mercies but, I am going to write about those next week.

Here is one that I shared with our President this week:

I had been praying to have an experience or to receive an answer to help me know that I am doing well as a missionary, and to know if I really am progressing, and that all of my studying of Spanish is paying off. We were in the Oxxo (7/11) buying water one day, when a really white man walked in. I turned to my companion and asked "Is he American? He's really white!" and she said "I don't know...start talking to him." I didn't want to offend him by talking to him in English if he was Mexican so, we left the store. A minute later he left, and we ended up crossing the street together. Hermana Magaña started talking to him in Spanish,  and as soon as I heard his accent, I knew he was American, and let's just say his Spanish wasn't all that great.

I started talking to him in English, he told me he was a Jehovah's Witness and that he had lived here for six and a half years. He told me that they were here learning Spanish and teaching English and also providing service through their church. We talked for a minute, and then we went separate ways. Afterwards, I explained what he had said, Hermana Magaña told me that this was another witness that our Church is the only true church, because we have the gift of tongues.

It really was an answer to my prayers. This church is true, and I know I am doing just fine with my Spanish. I realized how far I have come in just a short amount of time. I am so grateful for all of the help I have received from the Lord, my companions, and from the people here. I am so blessed, and Our Father in Heaven really does love me.

I hope you all have a great week and make sure you look for those tender mercies in your lives!

Hermana Riedelbach

p.s. my camera you only get one picture today sorry!

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