Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas week in Carmen

I have no idea what to say this week. Strange right? And the picture thing isn't working out so well...

The Mission President came to our area this weekend! On Saturday we all gathered at the stake center and then we got a call saying that the Mission President wasn't coming. Everyone was so upset, so two of the Elders in our zone decided to go pray. When they came back we decided that we all needed to pray together, and they asked me to offer the prayer... hahaha. We prayed and then 15 minutes later we got a call saying the Mission President would be coming and would be there in 3 hours so, we needed to stay there and practice teaching and study. Prayers are answered! We prayed to say thank you, and then got to studying!

I love the Mission Presidents family! They are so great! I was so excited to hear from them. The President gave us a wonderful talk about Repentance. It was amazing. It made me really think about being better and turning my heart towards God. We ate dinner and then hung out with our zone. It was so great! I feel like a part of the zone now. There is an Elder from Sandy that swears he has played basketball with Sawyer. :)

After those talks we had a baptism of Migualito! He doesn't count as our baptism because he is 8 but, we still got to teach him because his family is inactive! His Dad got the preisthood on Sunday, so things are looking up!

On Sunday we had a conference with Elder Walker. It was SOOO good. It was about ward councils and how missionary work HAS to have members to work. It is so true! We need ALL OF YOU to be successful! When the tortilla shop runs out of dough, they can't make any more tortillas! It is the same with referrals, when we run out we can't baptize any more people! We are constantly in need of referrals! Contacting isn't that successful and we aren't allowed to knock on doors anymore! SO, start giving referrals to your local missionaries! Okay, I will get off my soapbox.

This morning the zone leaders organized an activity for all of us! We went to the beach with the Mission Presidents family and played sports. It was so fun! one wanted the Hermanas on their team... We all sucked at soccer and Volleyball. But I dominated at Frisbee and playing catch with the Elders. I also taught the Mission presidents daughters how to throw an American Football. They are basically pro now. :)  It was way fun! Then we had a BBQ. It was so yummy!

Everyone here is on, our work has been slow. I am so grateful the President came this weekend! It was a beautiful Christmas here in Carmen.

I Love you all so much!

Have a great week!

Hermana Elise Riedelbach


Baptism of Migualito

Eating a hot dog for G-Ma, They have hot dog soup down here...I eat it a lot G-Ma would be in heaven!

The roads in town

Hermana Castro and I standing next to the road...crazy, huh?

Zone with Pres. and his wife

Me and Hermana Castro on the Beach

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