Monday, January 6, 2014

When it rains, it pours...

This Tuesday I made a goal to speak as much Spanish as I could. Oh my goodness! It was so good! I was preaching like CRAZY! I had so much faith that my Heavenly Father would help me. I felt so good! The Lord truly helps us when we trust in him! We also decided to contact as many people as we could, we found one man that said he was just walking and decided to sit. He was thinking about God and Religion and life. My companion and I had the feeling to go talk to him so we went and he said he was so grateful for us coming and talking to him. He said we were an answer to his prayer! How cool! The Lord is truly preparing people for our message!

On Wednesday I got my hand caught in a ceiling fan...the houses here are not made for people as tall as me... I was talking to some members, and I was using my hands and BAM! My finger hit the fan and got sliced... It hurt SO BAD! Then that night a spider bit my other hand and my finger swelled up HUGE! I'm having some bad luck here! Haha.

OH MY GOODNESS! On Thursday we had to stay inside all day because it rained so much! I have never seen so much rain in my life! All of the pictures below were taken prior to being told we couldn't leave! haha. So, we made caramel popcorn, ate Little Ceasers pizza, took a nap, read my Heritage, and our search for Happiness, I wrote some letters, we played around..and did our normal study. By the end of the day my eyes hurt so bad! So much reading!

This week my prayers were answered so many times!

1st: I left my jacket at the beach, I was so sad! I didn't realize it until we were in the Taxi on the way home and we couldn't do anything about it! I called the zone leaders to see if they were still there and they weren't...I was so upset, but what could I do? PRAY! I said so many prayers that someone would recognize the name tag and take it to a church and give it to the missionaries or something! When we got to the chapel to eat with the president we were sitting around talking and some Elders walked in and had my jacket! QUE BENDICIÓNE!!

The next day I was fasting and I got the WORST hiccups ever. The family kept offering me something to drink but, I so badly wanted to keep my fast so, I prayed that they would stop and lo and behold they did!

One of our favorite things is pan (bread). There are these men who have funky bikes and they ride around all day yelling PAN! if you want some you wave your hand and he stops, and you buy it! It's so yummy! My companion thinks it's hysterical because every time the pan man rides by he never notices me so, I usually find myself running down the street yelling "YO QUIERO PAN!" (I WANT BREAD!) I'm sure it's quite the sight!  hahaha This morning we had a district activity and we wanted to get everyone pan so, we prayed really hard that we would be able to find the pan man this morning! haha, we did! We had to run down the street yelling that we wanted some, but we did it!

Heavenly Father truly knows what is going on in our lives and wants to help us, we just have to have faith and trust in him! He ALWAYS answers our prayers!

Se que la iglesia es verdadera, se que José Smith fue un profeta, se que podemos recibir mucho revelación de el libro de mormón, se que con fe en Dios cualquier cosa es posible! En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen.

Con Mucho Amor,
Hermana Elise Riedelbach

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