Monday, January 13, 2014

Time Flies When you are serving the Lord!

Ahhh! I only have 28 minutes to write this! At the begining of my mission I wished that we didn't have so much time to do things and now I can't figure out where the time goes!

This week we started teaching a blind man and he is doing well but, he tells me my Spanish is, he always says he can see light when we come!

We also started teaching a members husband and we are pretty excited about  him. I hope that he decides to get baptized because his family needs the priesthood.

This Saturday night a man bashed us about the why the restoration had to happen in that moment I felt so singled out...ah, they kept pointing at me when they would ask why. I had no idea how to say everything I needed to say in Spanish, so I just started talking in English and my companion translated, it was so bad. But, I was very proud to be an American after the lesson. We have so many things that others in the world don't have and we take that for granted. I am so glad I have all of those freedoms!

Funny story, we have a lot of cockroaches and I am terrified of them.... so,  I always scream and my companion smashes them. The other night A HUGE one ran out from underneath my bed and we both started screaming and I was like SMASH IT! HERE'S MY BOOT! and then the cockroach went back under my bed so, we moved the bed frame and found it. I threw Hermana Castro my flip flop and she starts swatting it, she hit it like ten times. So I ask her is it dead? She said "it's's really dead!" I look at it and it's so squashed you couldn't even figure out what it was. haha. So funny!

This week my companion hurt her shoulders really bad so we have been going to doctors and such...which means we really haven't taught a whole lot! This morning we went to the Doctor, he lives in our area so he agreed for us to come and teach him! We have a good feeling about him! 

The different food here is starting to catch up to me and is giving my stomach problems, so yesterday I received a blessing and had some awesome personal revelation! I am so grateful for the preisthood, I woke up today and feel so much better! The priesthood is so amazing and I am so grateful for the blessings I have received from it in my life!

Our Bishop hasn't really been involved in our wards missionary work which is so frustrating, but this week we ate at his house and we talked to him and now he is full force on missionary work! QUE BENDICIÓN! He has so much planned and has even gone on visits with us!

By the end of this week, I can understand MOST of what everyone says to me and can answer understandably! The ward is so good at helping me. I have a couple of teachers and they are so funny! I had a conversation about non church related stuff yesterday and understood the whole thing. It was a long conversation too. I was so proud of myself and the members can't believe it! I  hope I continue to progress, but I know I can't unless I rely solely on the Lord!

This morning I lost my name tag, it fell off somewhere so, we went running to find it. When we finally found it a lady who owned a food cart was amazed that it was in the street unscratched and to be honest we were too! We started talking to her and it turns out the Elders used to teach her but when the sister missionaries got here she got lost somehow and wants to take the lessons again! I know Heavenly Father plays a HUGE role in our lives. I know that things aren't just a coinicidence. They happen for a reason.

I received a package from Aunt Bobby this week and am so thankful for it! I haven't received G-ma's or Mom's yet, but the President is coming at the end of the month so I will get them then! Thank you for everything!

I am sending a big birthday hug to Brandy, Blake, Sadie and Pom Pop!  I hope your birthday's are great!  I love you all!

Te quiero mucho!

Hermanita Riedelbach

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