Wednesday, December 11, 2013

La Iglesia es verdadera!!!

What a week! So much has happened. I don't even know where to begin.

Let's start with the biggest news! VEGAS!!!

Yesterday we woke up at 4:00am and flew to Las Vegas to make a personal appearance at the Mexican Consulate. It was the longest day ever. But I have a lot of good news from it! When we landed a service missionary picked us up and took us to Del Taco for breakfast....WHAT? Haha, but it was so yummy. We then went over to the institute building at UNLV and ate. The service missionary then proceeded to talk to us for THREE hours about nothing important. It was SOOO boring. Then we piled in the van and headed over to the Consulate.

We went up to the window stuck out our pointer fingers and then smiled for a picture. 10 minutes later we had our visas in our passports. WHAT? We went through all of that for 15 minutes of sitting? Yes, yes we did. The service missionary took us to the airport and dropped us off.. Our flight didn't leave for FOUR HOURS. We basically sat all day. We ate dinner and then sat and talked. A bunch of members stopped and talked to us and wished us luck. I love all those peoples. They are so awesome! As I am sure you are all aware, a wonderful Mormon mom that worked at the airport took our pictures and sent them home. She's great!

Here comes the good part!

We board the plane and an LDS Sister and Brother sit behind us. They start talking to us about missions and stuff when 2 Hispanic couples come and sit behind us. The members are like talk to them! Soooo, Hermana Lowe and I start chatting with them they were so nice. They were helping us with our Spanish. And then.... they ask us what we are doing and why we are going to Mexico! WOOT! So I start telling them that we are missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and that we are going to preach our gospel to people in Mexico. Then Hermana Lowe looks at me and we start reciting our purpose in Spanish. It was so powerful. They all clapped for us! QUE BENDICIONE! Then I ask them if they know any Mormons? That's who we are. They said they knew some missionaries but they didn't talk with them because they were Catholic. :( bummer. Then they said it was nice to meet us so, they basically ended the conversation. I knew they needed to hear our message but, I didn't know how to keep talking to them. So we turned around and started memorizing the first vision in Spanish.

I knew we both felt that they needed to hear when they brought the drinks around we started talking to them again. I look at Hermana Lowe and she is holding her paperback El Libro de Mormon and she looks at me, and then turns to the people behind us and says "I have a lot of these books...would you like one"? and the lady says yes!!!!! The members faces lit up and they starting smiling at us!! She then asks me what it is and I explain that it's another testament of Jesucristo. Hermana Weaver jumps in and says that it goes hand in hand with the Santa Biblia. And then I get the biggest impression that I need to bear my testimony of it. I didn't even pause. I just started saying I know that book is true and that Jose Smith was a prophet and then Hermana Lowe turns around and grabs her Restoration Pamphlet and opens to the first vision. After I finish bearing my testimony but before Hermana Lowe hands the pamphlet over to them, the members start telling the lady that it's the best book they will ever read. I got tears in my eyes and the lady we were teaching started wiping tears out of her eyes. We showed them the pamphlet and then turned around after giving them our emails.

Hermana Lowe heard the wife say to her husband that they needed to read that book. The Lady then told us that she will always remember us as the ones who gave her that book! I have never felt the spirit that strong in my life. It was so good. We started crying walking out of the airport. The church is true!


Before the flight began I switched Hermana Weaver seats so I could study with Hermana Lowe. I know that was for a higher reason. I was really freaking out about leaving for Mexico on Monday. My Spanish isn't very good and I was lacking a bunch of faith in myself. There was a reason for that plane ride and when it happened, my Spanish was just falling out of my mouth, I didn't have to think about it or anything, it just came! It was such a confidence booster! We were talking about it after and Hermana Weaver said she felt that I needed to sit there just for that reason!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Yesterday happened because of Him and His love and concern for us! I am so thankful for that!

I love you all and so does Our Father in Heaven!
Have a great WEEK!
Hermana Elise Riedelbach

P.S. The next time I email y'all I will be in MEXICO!!! So, that also means this is the last week for mail!! (:

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