Monday, April 13, 2015

Celebrating with Ice Cream!

So, this week was super awesome! We got a notice that the President was going to be coming to our area, but we didn't know what for. They told me that we had to be at the Stake center Thursday at 10am for District Meeting.

We show up and start our classes and in walks the President and Sister Morales, the assistants, and some of the secretaries from the mission. WHAT!? I got so nervous. After class, we had Zone Conference for 5 minutes and then they announced that they would be working with us in our areas. I have to admit I was so nervous, but it all went so well!

They saw the apartment we just moved into last week and told us we have to move again. I hate house hunting. After that, we went out and starting working with the President's daughters. We helped a man clean a field, and we talked with everyone that we could find. When Sister Morales got there we just starting street contacting. We talked with everyone, It was so good! We had so much fun, and I felt so good. We didn't teach one lesson that day, we just talked with everyone.

We ended the night with Meet the Mormons, It's so good! Then the President took us to our area. On our way, Sister Morales told us that we do our work very well! We were so happy! Then on Saturday they call us and tell us to meet them at Dairy Queen at 5:30. When we got there they told us that they wanted to buy us ice cream because we are a great pair of missionaries that are really good at contacting! They said that we were the best! We felt so good about all that we had done the last couple of days!

We are going to have a baptism on April 22nd! I can't wait! her name is Estefania, she has such a desire to change and to be a part of this church! I wish I had more time to write about all the things that have happened! I have so much to tell you and no time. But, I guess we will have time in less than 2 months! :)

I love you all,

Hermana Riedelbach

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