Monday, April 7, 2014


I am sure you have all heard this a billion times but, conference is so much better than Christmas for missionaries. Well, at least that's what I think!

We got to watch/ listen to conference at the Stake center in English! It was such a blessing! I am so amazed with the church and everything it does! Did you know that conference comes in 95 languages? WOW. It was so great to hear all of the wonderful talks and hang out with all the Americans.

I absolutley loved all of the messages! I really felt like each and every one was directed at me and my investigators. Too bad none of them came. :(  That was a let down but, I am so grateful I was able to listen. I took 13 pages of notes! I learned so much and now I have to work on a lot of things. But that's ok because we are all here on the earth to progress!

I don't think I have a favorite talk but, I loved what Elder Hales said about eternal consequences for our decisions. I know that all of our decisions DO  have eternal consequences, and as members of the Church we know what they are so,  why do we keep making bad choices? We know what our Heavenly Father wants and we know what happens if we break the commandments so, why do we do bad things? I really have a testimony of this, and think that if we think more about the big picture our decisions will be easier to make.

I also loved what Elder Ballard said about Preach My Gospel and I expect to receive lots of letters and emails about your studies! :)

I definitely received answers to my prayers this week! On Tuesday we were walking home from lunch and my watch broke, a little piece went flying. I was so upset and began to search for the missing piece. The other Hermana's helped me but it was on a dirt road and it seemed like it would be impossible to find. I prayed and kept looking. The other Hermanas said don't worry about it, I have another watch you can use. I said to them that I had faith that I could find the missing piece, and five minutes later I found it. I couldn't believe it! After that I yelled MY HEAVENLY FATHER LOVES ME. They all started laughing but, it's so true. Heavenly Father loves all of us so much, he helped me find something that isn't important when I think about it but, it was important to me at that time, and he knew that.  I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father who knows us and loves us!

I love you all and hope you know that your Father in Heaven truly loves you!

Hermana Riedelbach

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  1. Hermana Riedelbach~
    I am so happy your mom shares your letters, it is a blessing to read and feel your sweet testimony from those letters. Thank you for that and your example. I hope your Easter is filled with the love our savior has for you, Happy Easter! Richele Gudmunson